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Sound Sketch for Raging Flame

The New Blockaders / Gosplan Trio gg92 CD

The New Blockaders:


Text by Kazimir Malevich

Photo painting: Willi Melnikov

Mastering: Alexei Borisov /Nick Nebogatov

Limited edition. 350 numbered copies.

Alexei Borisov, Sergey Letov, Ivan Sokolovsky:  recorded live at Cultural centre DOM, Moscow. Anniversary of Kazimir Malevich, February 23, 2003 at the performance of "Suprematistic project".

Original soundtrack of Letov-Borisov-Sokolovsky performance was released at "PENTAGRAMMA" as the CD-R Suprematistic Project 039 CD

Sound Sketch For Raging Flame. Case
Sound Sketch for Raging Flame. Booklet 1-4
Sound Sketch For Raging Flames.  Booklet 2-3
Sound Sketch for Raging Flames. Inlay
Sound Sketch For Raging Flames Inlay Back
Sound Sketch For Raging Flames. CD


'Beautifully rendered collaboration between the UK's most consistently feral free noise outfit and the Russian free jazz group Gosplan Trio, with contributions from Anomali and Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations). Quite unlike anything else in the TNB back-catalogue, this one matches surreal Russian dialogue, free jazz blurt, high-end electronics, scrabbles of junkyard percussion and enveloping hypnotic tones in an over-driven, almost MEV style, with Gosplan adding some great sanctified testifying ala Ayler/Wright et al. Highly recommended: a real brain-blower from out of left-field.'

Volcanic Tongue (UK)

’Incredible mind-bending collaboration between UK noise kings TNB and Russian free jazzers Gosplan Trio. Part I is just straight up f***ed! One of the most bizarre recordings ever! Very impressive.’

Hanson (USA).

'This disc is a wonderful surprise from The New Blockaders. With The Gosplan Trio as co-conspirators, the additional instrumentation adds depth and texture to The New Blockaders' post-industrial sound that I have never heard from them previously. Wild saxophone sounds rise out of the primordial sludge like a wildly mutated version of The Stooges? Funhouse (and I mean that in a good way). Leave it up to Klanggalerie to surprise you with something like this. Most highly recommended.'


'The New Blockaders are consistently among the most extreme and challanging of acts. Teaming up with the Russian Gosplan Trio, Sound Sketch For Raging Flames amounts to a ramarkably listenable release. It comes across a bit like an early piece by Musica Elettronica Viva, as a sizzle mix of electronics, instrumental and cacophony.'


Free jazz and electronic noise have a lot in common, but oddly enough I don't think there have been that many attempts to really mix the two (I'm obviously not talking of borderline improv-electroacoustics à la Creative Sources). Here the notorious English nihilists R. and P. D. Rupenus team up with a Russian trio formed by Alexei Borisov (voice, guitar, electronics; also known for his solo recordings and collaborations), Sergey Letov (saxophones, bass-clarinet, flute, whistles) and the late Ivan Sokolovsky (electronics), and the result sounds like a more electric Free Music Productions record fed through some circuit bent mechanism. When Borisov talks over the chaotic mess, it's like tuning your FM radio to an unknown Russian channel, statics and disturbances included. My guess is that the Blockaders added their sputtering noise over the trio's improvised sessions, but I might well be wrong. The two tracks are incendiary indeed, and my only quibble is that the collaboration is based on the same tecnique throughout (electronic debris over jazz), without much room to experiment different mixes or ways of interaction; but what's there is surely worth a few listens. Limited to 350, so hurry up before this sells out.

Eugenio Maggi in Chain D.L.K.

One may listen 2 fragments of music at

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