Alexei Borisov. Photo

CV and selected discography

Musician, composer, sound-artist, producer, journalist, event organizer
Lives and works in Moscow

1960 born in Moscow

1983 graduated from Moscow State University (History Department)
1980–1981 guitarist of the first Russian new wave band The Centre
1981–1984 vocalist/guitarist of the mod band Prospekt
1985 formed (with Ivan Sokolovsky) the first Russian techno-industrial band Notchnoi Prospekt (still active)
Since 1992 member of F.R.U.I.T.S. experimental duo (with Pavel Jagun)
Since 1993 collaborates with Moscow video artists Roman Anikushin and Alexandr Sidorov
Since 1994 collaborates with the Helsinki-based musician Anton Nikkila
Since 1994 organizes and curates musical and audiovisual events in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia
Since 1994 works as a dj at different clubs and on radio stations
Since 1995 creates music for the Moscow video/performance art group Sever
Since 1997 collaborates with sax improviser Sergey Letov (Gosplan trio, New Russian Alternative)
Since 1997 producer and musician of the experimental ethno-electronic group Volga
Since 2000 collaborates with KK Null (Japan), Jeff Surak (USA), Tania Stene (Norway), Leif Ellgren (Sweden), Franz Pomassl (Austria), Gilles Aubry (Switzerland), Government Alpha (Japan), The New Blockaders (UK) and many others.
Since 2005 collaborates with Moscow based video-artists Nikita Tzymbal and Natalia Poloka.
Also collaborates with fashion designer Tatyana Mamedova and choreographer Natalia Shirokova.
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Solo recordings:

Notchnoi Prospekt:

  1. "Sugar" (LP, Accelerating Blue Fish, Sweden, 1990)
  2. "Asbastos" (LP, SNC, Russia, 1992)
  3. "Music for dance" (CD, BSA, Russia, 1993)
  4. "Acids" (CD/MC, RDM, Russia, 1995)
  5. "Gumanitarnaya zhizn" (CD/MC, Electric, Russia, 1996)
  6. "Koncert v Vilniuse 1988" (CD-R, Grief Recordings, Russia, 2000)
  7. “Live in DOM” (CD-R, Pentagramma, Russia 2002)
  8. “Novye Fiziki” (CD, Random Music, Russia 2004, live recordings from 1987-88)
  9. MP3 collection 1985-88 (CD, Moroz records, Russia 2006)
  10. “Asbastos” (CD, Geometry, Russia 2008)
  11. “Sugar” (CD, Geometry, Russia 2008)


  1. "Electrostatik" (CD/MC, Exotica, Russia, 1997)
  2. "Acid report 96" (CD-R, Grief Recordings, Russia, 2000)
  3. "Studio Recordings vol.1" (CD-R, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2000)
  4. "Jakuzi" (CD, Exotica Lights, Russia, 2000)
  5. "Lakmus" (CD-R, Xerxes, Japan, 2001)
  6. ”Forbidden Beat” (CD, Laton, Austria, 2004)


  1. "Volga" (CD, Exotica, Russia, 1999)
  2. “Bottoms up!” (CD, Exotica, Russia, 2003)
  3. “Concert” (CD, Sketis Music, Russia, 2003)
  4. “Three Fields” (CD, Volga/Sketis Music, Russia, 2004)
  5. “Selected Works” (CD, Volga/Lollipop Shop, Germany 2005)
  6. “5” (Remixed) (CD, Sketis Music, Russia 2006)
  7. “Pomol” (CD, Lumberton Trading Company, UK 2007)
  8. “Pomol” (CD, Manas/Volgamusic, Russia 2007)
  9. “MP3 Collection 1999—2004” (CD, BRP/RMG, Russia 2007)

Other projects:

  1. F.R.U.I.T.S. & Sa-Zna: "Amber Rooms" (CD, Exotica/GMB R.I., Russia, 1998)
  2. Novaya russkaya al'ternativa: "Uverennost' v nevidimom" (CD-R, Pentagramma, Russia, 1999)
  3. Borisov, Letov: "Faust@Ekaterinburg" (CD-R, Pentagramma, Russia, 1999)
  4. Borisov, Letov, Lipatov: "Faust. Nizhni Novgorod, 1999" (CD-R, Pentagramma, Russia, 2000)
  5. Joint Committee: "Rosenkranz Sessions Vol. 1" (CD-R, Pentagramma, Russia, 2000)
  6. Spies Boys & Notchnoi Prospekt: "Live in Bunkr 2000" (CD-R, NNRecords, Russia, 2000)
  7. Spies Boys & Notchnoi Prospekt: "Live in Bunkr 2001" (CD-R, NNRecords, Russia 2001)
  8. Borisov, Letov, Lipatov, Norvila: "Faust v Moskve" (2CD-R, Pentagramma, Russia 2001)
  9. Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkila: "Live@Cafe9" (CD-R, Planktone, Russia, 2002)
  10. "Serguei Letov – Alexei Borisov – Anton Nikkila" (CD, Hor Music, Russia, 2002)
  11. Letov – Borisov – D.A. Prigov: “Concert v O.G.I.” (CD, Odivelenije vihod, Russia, 2002)
  12. Alexei Borisov & Jeffrey Surak: “Ulitsa Novatorov” (mini-CD-R, The Locus of Assemblage, UK, 2003)
  13. Alexei Borisov & KK. Null: “Xenoglossia” (CD, Insofar Vapor Bulk, Russia, 2003)
  14. Letov-Borisov-Sokolovsky :“Suprematizm Project” (CDR, Pentagramma, Russia, 2003)
  15. Alexei Borisov, Daruin (aka Kazuya Ishigami) and Comforter (aka Alexander Alexeev):"How To Use Friends As Organ Donors" (split CD-R, Spirals of Involution, Russia, 2003)
  16. Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkila: "Typical Human Beings" (CD, N&B Research Digest, Russia/Finland, 2004)
  17. Finnexport 2003 Tour feat. Pan sonic, Pink Twins, Alexei Borisov and Anton Nikkila (split 2CDR, Spirals of Involution, Russia 2005)
  18. The New Blockaders/Gosplan Trio “Sound Sketch For Raging Flames” (CD, Klanggalerie, Austria, 2005)
  19. Bogatiri (Violet, Alexei Borisov, Michael Gindreau live in Russia 2003) (CD, Zeromoon, USA, 2005)
  20. Alexei Borisov & KK Null “Xenoglossia 2” (CD, Electroclub, Russia 2006)
  21. Alexei Borisov/Anton Nikkila “Where are they now” (CD, NB Research Digest, Rissia/Finland 2007)
  22. Alexei Borisov/Roman Turchak “PromZona” (CD-R, Ernst Rowohlt, Russia 2007)
  23. Cisfinitum, Miguel Ruiz, Alexei Borisov “Ornaments” (CD, Long Arms, Russia 2007)
  24. Rada and Gosplan Trio “1” (CD, OV, Russia 2008)
  25. Alexei Borisov and HEC "Live in Paris" (CDR, Sickore, Russia 2008)
  26. Rivushije Struny (Screaming Strings) "Moscow City 4") (CD, OTV, Russia 2008)

V/A and compilations of remixes (as a solo artist): 

  1. 22-Pistepirkko: "Zipcode - 15th Anniversary remix&remake compilation album" (CD, Bare Bone Business/Spirit, Finland, 1996)
  2. "Avanto 2001" (CD, Avanto Festival, Finland, 2001)
  3. "Prototype" (CD, Laton, Austria, 2002)
  4. "Dich Avangarda" (CD, Insofar Vapour Bulk, Russia, 2002)
  5. "Nautik" (CDR, Laton, Austria, 2003)
  6. "Exotica vs. The Beatles, The Black Album” (CD, Exotica, Russia, 2003)
  7. "Dissolution Tapes. The MCE Remixed". (CD, Zeromoon, USA, 2004)
  8. "Ilios – Encyclopedia – RW" (CD, Antifrost, Spain, 2004)
  9. Bulldozer 3 (CD, Fulldozer, Russia, 2004)
  10. “Go-To-Cat-Man-Do” (CD, MonotypeRec, Poland, 2005)
  11. Culmination (CD, Laton, Austria, 2005)
  12. Volga “5” remixed (CD, Sketis music, Russia 2006)
  13. Viva Negativa (Tribute to The New Blockaders) (4LP, Vinyl On Demand, Germany, 2005/06)
  14. It Just Is. In Memoriam: John Balance (CD, Fulldozer and Nocharizma, Russia, 2005)
  15. Yokomono 03 (LP, Staalplaat, Germany/Holland 2005)
  16. Altera Forma “La reforma”(CD, Q-Code records, Russia 2006)
  17. Roulette Russe Pour Un Peu De Caviar (CD, Monochrome Vision, Russia 2007)
  18. Fabriksampler (CD, Pharmafabrik, Slovenia 2008)
  19. Sound Canvas (net-album, Mikroton, Russia 2008)

Major international performances:

Live soundtracks for films (solo, together with Serguei Letov and Gosplan trio):

Organizational duties:


117463 Russia, Moscow, Novojasenevsky prospect 40-3-233
tel. +7 499 1313574
mobile +7 910 4564621


Down “Night Avenue” of first Russian electronic music People and Instruments. From “BESM-6” to ... 2004.

Musical festivals. From jazz to experimental electronic music. Mainly about the latter.



Jandek live at Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music, Washington DC, september 23, Velvet Lounge
(feat. Alexei Borisov, Anton Nikkila, Pekka Airaksinen and Scott Verrastro)