'Strike' by Sergey Eisenstein (1924, USSR)

Strike by Sergey Eisenstein

Live stage music for the silent movie (66')

Sergey Letov - saxophones, electronics

Vladimir Kitlyar - Thereminvox

Oleg Sharr - drums, percussion


The first performance of the project took place on July 26, 2016 in Peterburg at Open Studio Lendok (Kryukov Canal Embankment, 12).

The film with music by Sergei Letov and Alexei Borisov was shown in Brussels, Belgium (May 4, 2017, RecyclArt)

'Silent Movie - Live Music' Projects by Sergey Letov

Next Performance:

Стачка в Государственном Историческом музее

February 10, 2018 18.30 Moscow, State Historical Museum, Exhibitions (Revolution sq. 2/3).. Live music by Sergey Letov, Oleg Sharr, Vladimir Kitlyar