Sax-Mafia, Russian free improvization and jazz saxophone ensemble

Eduard Sivkov - baritone, tenor, C-Melody, alto, soprano saxophones, bass clarinet

Nikolay Rubanov - bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet

Sergey Letov - bass, baritone, tenor, C-Melody, soprano saxophones, bass clarinet

Yury Yaremchuk - tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet

SAX MAFIA is the first saxophone quartet in the Soviet/Post-Soviet space, all the members of which are both improvisers and authors. Nikolay Rubanov is well known as saxophonist of rock band "AuctYon", as a leader of "Union of Commercial Avant-Garde"; Edward Sivkov plays in folk group "Ne Te", in the various projects by Vlad Makarov, in Moscow Composers Orchestra, Yury Yaremchuk played in "Moscow Composers Orchestra", "3Ya", Sergey Letov is known as founder of the oldest Russian free jazz trio "Tri-O", plays in rock bands "Civil Defense", DDT a.o.
All the members of SAX-MAFIA live in different locations: Rubanov - in St. Petersburg, Sivkov - in Sevastopol, Yaremchuk - in Moscow suburbs, and Sergey Letov - in Moscow. The first performance of a quartet took place at Cultural Center DOM in Moscow.
Yury Sivkov found the project in February 2002.

"SAX-MAFIA" released 2 albums: SAX-MAFIA by HOR Records - Concert in the DOM (quartet) " and CD-R "" (concert in Tyumen, trio) on Sergey Letov's label PENTAGRAMMA.

SAX-MAFIA in London. Michael Valentine Studio
SAX-MAFIA in London. Michael Valentine Studio

A Flat by Kolick Rubanov

"Lyko" by Kolick Rubanov

Latino by Sergey Letov

Blues for Charlotte Corday by Sergey Letov

5/4 by Eduard Sivkov by Eduard Sivkov

Pentagramma by Sergey Letov

Concert in Moscow, DOM, 16/09/07 Charlotte Corday' Blues and start of

SAX-MAFIA + Vlad Bystrov, DOM, October 2007. Terrorism by Sergey Letov


mp3 :

  1. Dolby (Eduard Sivkov)
  2. 5/4 (Eduard Sivkov)
  3. Like A Moving Of Seasons (Sergey Letov)
  4. (Eduard Sivkov)
  5. Pentagramma (Sergey Letov)
  6. Terrorism - music for the Taganka Theatre performance "Marat and Marquis de Sade" (Sergey Letov)
  7. Lyko by Kolick Rubanov
  8. Latino y Sergey Letov
  9. Charlotta Corday' Blues

"SAX-MAFIA" played concerts in Moscow, Tyumen, Vologda, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Bonn, Mainz, Speyer, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Dresden, Vilnius, Lvov, Tula, Nizhniy Novgorod, Smolensk, London.

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SAX-MAFIA in DOM, Moscow

SAX-MAFIA in o.g.i. project, Moscow

SAX-MAFIA in Tyumen

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