Yuriy Zmorovych

Artist, sculptor, poet and musician

Yuriy Zmorovych was born in Kiev. He was graduated from The Kiev State Art Institute (architectural and art criticism faculties) and Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema. Worked in The State Museum of Folk Architecture and Mode of Life of Ukraine, scenario writer and film director on Kiev Studio of Scientific Movies and Central Studio of Scientific Movies,The central TV studio(Moscow).The founder of Kiev Theatre AAA.
The verses of Zmorovych were published in magazines "Chernovik" ("Draft Copy" New York)," "Collegium" and "Samvatas" (Kiev), in the Anthology of Russian Vers Libre, almanac "Graffiti" (Kiev). " Metal hieroglyphics " - this name was given by author for spontaneously created compositions from old iron and other substandard materials " - was exposed in Kiev, New York, Helsinki and Moscow (AGASPHER, ARBATR, The Embassy of USA). In 1996 took part in Birmingham Improv festival (Alabama, USA).


  1. "Polymorphia" on music of Penderecky- 10 minutes (1975) 16 mm
  2. "The Number - plural, Time(/Tense) - future". 30 minutes (1987)
  3. "The Master and Margaret. Free translation from Spanish ". 10 minutes(1988)
  4. "The Doggy". 10 min. .(1989))
  5. "I feel an inevitability..." 54 minutes .(1990)
  6. "Alexandra Exter. A portrait without a face". 28 minutes (1991)
  7. "The New Territory" 54 minutes . (1992) video
  8. " Videoms". 3 movies for RenTV. (1994))

buddha smiles

buddha smiles


libertinage 2



Yuriy Zmorovych: “An avantgardist should always be in opposition to the norm

Fragments of the Soviet popular-science film feat. late Leon Theremin (voice) and Sergey Letov