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Sergey Letov

April 28, 2018 18.00 Novgorod

May 2, 2018 19.00 Moscow. Odessa 2nd May 2014 Martyrs Memorial

May 18, 2018 19.00 Yekaterinburg. Live music by Oleg Sharr (percussion), Olesya Rostovskaya (Thereminvox) and Sergey Letov (electronics, flute)

May 21, 2018 Moscow. Days of Avantgard. Silent film "Oktyabryukhov i Dekabryukhov" (1928) - live music

June 4, 2018 Moscow. Red Square. Book Festival 'Red Square'. Tragedy 'Vladimir Mayakovsky'

July 1, 2018 Saint Petersburg. KillDozer. Presentation of the new CDs!

July 21-22, 2018 Saint Petersburg. Festival 'ProToArt'

August 4, 2018 Performance with classical ballet dancer Anna Koblova

September 18, 2018 Moscow. A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Science. Sergey Birjukow/Sergey Letov performance, dedicated to Vladimir Mayakovsky

October 8, 2018 Moscow. Sainkho Namchylak?

October 2018 Slovenia, Croatia?

October 2018 Concerts with Yoriyuki Harada (Japan)

November 13-15, 2018, Brunswick (Germany). Live music for Great October Revolution Silent Films and Cartoons

December, 2018 7 Saint-Petersburg Festival Apositsia. TRI-O.

May 18, 2019 Chemnitz, Germany. Vila Esche. Wassily Kandinsky Program

September 3-10, 2019 Italy, Talos Festival

September 13, 2019 Germany. The 100-Anniversary of Bauhaus. Sergey Letov and Vladimir Goloukhov play live music for silent movies

September 20, 2019 Germany. The 100-Anniversary of Bauhaus. Sergey Biryukov, Elizaveta Birjukowa , Christoph Ritter, Sergey Letov in performance based on poetry of Vasily Kandinsky and Dada poetry